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Visual Design Lead


UX Team: Fjord & Accenture Interactive Colombia.
The whole team consisted of about 200 people from different South American countries, mainly Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica.




MVP of the new Avianca responsive website : A new website that would provide the new user experience to the Avianca retail clients.

Approach & Outcomes

I landed in Colombia to join an ongoing project three months after it had begun. Actually, after the Discover and Describe Phases, so I started working in the Design Phase with the UX Designers team, as Visual Design Lead.

I spent the first of six months reviewing the previous design and adjusting it to the reviewed UI-kit, fixing the grids, spaces, layouts, colours, typography sizes and so on. The following two months we worked together in design sprints as a team to deliver the visual design to the developers and the client. We used Zeplin, providing also with a navigable prototype done with Invision, the screens and the editable files.

My main goal in this project was to help the design team to review and organize the work to be delivered. I split all the breakpoint designs into components, modules and templates, making a modular system and a UI-kit as Design Framework. 


Avianca released the new responsive website late 2018. This project was the beginning of the current development *Y2020.


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